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Sorensen Endowment recipients group photo
(Left to right: John MacArthur, Pearman deTreville Parker Hayne, Heather Mentrup, Donna Sorensen, Jiali Zheng, and Minghui Li)


Donna Sorensen, former USC First Lady, paid a special visit to the University to greet the first recipients of the Donna and Andrew Sorensen Endowment for Health Sciences Fund.  The Sorensen Endowment was a gift to the CCCR to support, as well as attract, outstanding graduate students conducting cancer research leading to a PhD degree.  This year’s recipients are Taryn Cranford from the School of Medicine, Heather Mentrup from the College of Arts and Sciences, Minghui “Sam” Li from the College of Pharmacy, Pearman deTreville Parker Hayne from the College of Nursing, John MacArthur from the College of Arts and Sciences, and Jiali Zheng from the Arnold School of Public Health.

Mrs. Sorensen met the Endowment recipients at a luncheon hosted by President Harris Pastides and First Lady Patricia Moore-Pastides at the President’s House.  There, she shared her thoughts on the importance of their research and encouraged the students to “pay it forward” and use the research supported by this award to improve society.  Afterwards, each of the students offered a few comments about their research.