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Healing IconsCoping with a life threatening disease is extremely stressful, producing a range of intense feelings that are often difficult to express. Many times these bottled up emotions — suppressed anger, fear, loss of control and even betrayal— can often overwhelm cancer patients and their families, resulting in a toxic environment of stress. Most times words are not enough to communicate what is inside.

East Coast Visual Artist Heidi Darr-Hope of Healing Icons and West Coast Writer Dr. Sharon Bray of Writing through Cancer collaborate to hold Living Legacies, a class that brings healing and expression through art and the written word.  Living Legacies is based on the old fashioned concept of Pen Pals. This exchange links cancer survivors from different cities, states and perhaps even countries using the visual arts and creative writing to begin an extraordinary conversation about what it is like to live with cancer.

To download the brochure and register for this program, click here.