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Curing cancer, not just putting a patient in remission. That’s what Hexin Chen and other researchers are trying to make possible with the new cancer stem cell approach to oncology. (via @UofSC Today)


Thanks to the efforts of Annie Thibault and Renay Caldwell, the Center for Colon Cancer Research was recently awarded a grant from the BlueCross BlueShield Foundation, totaling $225,000 over two years.  The funds will be used to cover the costs of colonoscopies provided to medically underserved populations throughout South Carolina.  Such costs include endoscopy facility fees, preparation solutions, pathology services, and patient navigation.


TdadOlivia Offuso running a marathonhis past weekend, colon cancer awareness advocate Olivia Affuso ran the Lake Martin 100 mile endurance run in memory of her father, who died of colorectal cancer.  Olivia's father, Mr. Stanley Dean Hampton, Sr was a husband, father, brother, uncle, and friend.  His kindness and generosity were legendary in Orangeburg County where he was born.  Mr. Stanley, as many referred to him, would do whatever he could to help another person.  He was a servant to mankind even after his diagnosis of terminal colon cancer. 

Mr. Stanley used his illness as a platform to spread the word about the importance of colon cancer screenings.  He passed out flyers and talked to everyone he met about the fact that colon cancer is preventable and curable if found early.  Mr. Stanley wanted to save as many lives as possible even after his death.  One of his last wishes was to have the message of colon cancer screenings given at his memorial service.  And indeed this last effort saved a life.  His best friend gave the eulogy that day and soon after made an appointment for a screening.  He too had colon cancer but it was in the early stages and curable.  Many were grateful for Mr. Stanley's benevolence.

In addition to being an Orangeburg County Sheriff's Deputy and a Deacon in his church, Mr. Stanley was a passionate outdoorsman.  He loved hunting, fishing, gardening and raising small animals.  Mr. Stanley Dean Hampton, Sr. is missed by his family and friends.