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image courtesy of The State Newspaper

Gary Hemingway twice had been scheduled for colonoscopies. He’d been prescribed the laxative preparation to use the day before the exam. And then he backed out.

“They just gave me some stuff,” Hemingway said. “They didn’t really explain it all to me.”

Then he ran into Renay Caldwell, who helps patients navigate through the colonoscopy process in her role with the S.C. Colon Cancer Prevention Network. Caldwell, and the network, likely saved Hemingway’s life. The Columbia resident finally went through with a colonoscopy, a large polyp was found and it was removed before it would almost certainly have become cancerous.

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Dr. Frank Berger will present "Management of Oxidative Stress During Cancer Treatment: A Possible Role for Nutritional Factors" as part of the CPCP Colloquium Series on March 14 from 10-11:30 am in Discovery I, Room 140. Please plan to attend and share this announcement with interested USC faculty, staff, students, and research partners.

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