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Colorectal Cancer Screening Program of South Carolina (CCSPSC)

The purpose of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Program of South Carolina (CCSPSC) is to increase participation in CRC screening by partnering with health systems to implement priority evidence-based strategies.

The CCSPSC is working with the American Cancer Society, South Carolina Primary Health Care Association, and Colon Cancer Prevention Network.  Together, we work with eight federally qualified health centers in South Carolina in order to reach the medically underserved to implement at least two priority evidence-based approaches (provider assessment and feedback, provider reminders and recall, client/patient reminders), supportive strategies (professional education and small media), and additional activities (standard procedures and 80% by 2018 pledge).  Evaluation is an important element of the program, and the Core for Applied Research and Evaluation at the University of South Carolina leads evaluation activities.


CCCR CRC Advisory Council

In 2015, the Center for Colon Cancer Research at USC, under the leadership of Dr. Frank Berger, invited a small group of influential advocates to form the CRC Advisory Council.  This Council will provide vital guidance and direction for our community outreach and screening efforts. As leaders and stakeholders in colorectal cancer prevention, the Council members are a carefully chosen group of experts engaged to help the Center deepen it's screening and outreach programs.  This agile group is committed to implementing actions and population based activities in a responsive and flexible manner.